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How to oil wire rope rigging products

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Due to the harsh environment of wire rope rigging, it will cause corrosion and wear. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate regularly during production and use, which can effectively extend the service life.

First, the core oil, surface oil, and rope surface oil should be treated in the production process.

The oil immersion of the rope core is an important task in the production of steel wire rope rigging. Before the oil immersion, the rope core should be carefully dried to water, and the oil content of the rope core should be increased as much as possible. The oil content depends on the dryness of the core, oil temperature, and oil immersion time. Generally speaking, the higher the oil content of the rope core, the better. The rope core with large oil content can not only improve the lubricating condition inside the steel wire rope, but also prevent the rope core from mold, deterioration, and rot.

The rope core oil immersion method is divided into a normal pressure oil immersion method and vacuum oil immersion method. It is easy to absorb oil under normal pressure in the oil tank, but it is not easy to absorb oil inside the coil, and the oil is uneven. The vacuum pressure oil immersion process is complicated, but the rope core coil can be immersed in oil, the rope core is immersed in oil evenly, and the oil content is high. The immersion temperature of the core varies with the immersion method.

The oil on the surface can be sprayed when twisting strands and connecting ropes or can be dipped after connecting ropes. Spraying is to heat the molten liquid oil to the joint of the twisting machine and the rope machine through the oil pipe and inject it into the twisting cone to fill the free space between the steel wire and the steel wire and the strand. The spraying device can also be individually configured according to the machine. The surface of the steel wire rope is oiled by spraying.

The method of painting, dipping and pouring the surface of steel wire rope rigging is to set an oil groove between the traction wheel of the rope retractor and the wire drawing machine, and press the wound steel wire rope into the melted grease to apply oil or install The oiler above the oil tank absorbs oil and then spreads oil on the surface of the wire rope.

This kind of oiling method is easy to produce a missing coating on the surface of steel wire rope rigging, and oil can only be applied on the surface of steel wire rope. The coating of the inner layer of the steel wire rope and the inner layer of the steel wire rope is not good, which will affect the service life of the steel wire rope. In order to make up for the shortcomings of this method, it is recommended to use the casting method to lubricate the steel wire in the strand during twisting to improve the quality of the surface coating of the wire rope.


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