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Performance Characteristics of Round Slings

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1. Suitable for lifting circular objects

2. High strength and weight

3. There are many lifting methods for flexible lifting belts, and the lifting belts are evenly stressed, which makes the working life of the lifting belts longer

4. There are many lifting methods, which can also be used to drag the lifted object

5. Can be equipped with additional anti-wear and anti cutting protective sleeves

6. Non conductive, no risk of electric shock

7. The flexible packaging loop sling is made of PES, and the internal load-bearing core is wrapped endlessly to form a cyclic PES woven sleeve that is not under stress to protect the load-bearing core.

8. Especially suitable for lifting circular objects.

9. The outer surface of the Round Slings is fine, smooth objects will not cause damage, and it will not cause damage to vulnerable objects

10. Lightweight and soft, easy to use even in small spaces.

11. Maximum load of 0.5-500 tons, effective length of 0.5-80 meters

12. Complies with Chinese industry standard JB/T8521-2007

13. The elastic elongation of Round Slings is relatively small, with a working load of less than 2% and a fracture load of less than 12%. 14. The temperature range used is -40 ℃ -180 ℃. 14. Wear resistant protective sleeves and anti cutting protective sleeves can be added.


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