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Preventing sling breakage accidents from these three aspects

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Preventing sling breakage accidents from these three aspects

Not only are the slings of a wide variety, but the use environment is also complex, and the quality of personnel is uneven, which makes the risk of many dangerous factors during the lifting operation. At this stage, sling rupture accidents caused by mismanagement or improper use frequently occur. From the perspective of safety management, we believe that reasonable prevention of sling rupture accidents should start from these three aspects:

1. Put crane slings into the scope of national security supervision as soon as possible.

Relevant national departments shall formulate corresponding management standards, and implement a full range of safety supervision and inspection on the design, manufacture, inspection and use management of slings. Implement a "production license" or "safety certification" system for sling manufacturing enterprises to prevent unlicensed production. A regular safety inspection system is implemented for the slings being used by enterprises. Those who fail to meet the safety requirements shall be forcibly scrapped to reduce fracture accidents in terms of safety supervision.

2. The enterprise itself should also strengthen the safety management of the slings in use.

According to the actual production situation, the corresponding sling safety management system shall be formulated, the slings in use shall be fully registered, and sling detail cards shall be established. Put a nameplate on each sling, which is marked with the name, model, load, date of use and other contents of the sling. Strengthen the daily safety management of slings, manage them by special personnel, use them at designated locations, store them at regular intervals, and scrap them in a timely manner.

3. Strengthen safety training for sling users.

While strengthening safety publicity and education, it is necessary to focus on strengthening the improvement of its safety technical quality. Users are required to master the basic safety technical knowledge of slings, familiar with the basic performance or use requirements of the slings, and master the slings used Safety inspection methods and scrap standards. Only by mastering basic safety knowledge and using it reasonably in practice can we ensure the safe use of slings and avoid breakage accidents.

Breaking the sling not only delays the working time, reduces the working efficiency, but also may cause various accidents, with serious consequences. In the final analysis, the prevention of sling rupture accidents is still a safety issue that we have always emphasized. It involves many aspects of sling use and management, and you should always keep safety in mind at all times.


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