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Wire rope state classification

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According to the contact state between adjacent wires in the strand, it is divided into three types: point contact, line contact or surface contact.

1. Point contact wire rope: The diameter of the steel wire in the strand is the same, the angle between the wires of each layer is the same, and the lay length is different, so the inner and outer wires cross each other and are in point contact state.

2. Wire contact wire rope: The lay length of each layer of steel wire in the strand is the same, the inner and outer steel wires are in contact with each other on a spiral line, which is in line contact state. The wire contact wire rope has a longer service life than the point contact wire rope under the same conditions of use.

3. Compacted steel wire rope, formerly known as surface contact steel wire rope, in the process of wire rope twisting, after forging, drawing, etc., the steel wire forms a contact surface, including strand compaction, wire rope compaction and double strand compaction. 

4. Sealing wire rope: the outer layer is made of special-shaped steel wire, including T-type S-type Z-section structure steel wire, the surface is smooth, wear resistance is good, compared with other types of steel wire rope of the same diameter, the tensile strength is larger, and can It is subjected to lateral pressure, but has poor flexibility, complicated process and high manufacturing cost. It is often used as a load-bearing cable, such as a cable crane and a cable on an aerial ropeway.


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