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Application Of Sling In The Construction Of Substation

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Application of sling and hoisting technology in the construction of the substation

At present, as the assembly requirements of substations are gradually becoming higher, relevant requirements for hoisting during the construction of substations have also increased. In the specific operation, work includes the following requirements that require more attention.

1 Check the installation of related equipment and prefabricated components. When the related equipment and prefabricated components have not been installed, first carefully check whether the quality of these equipment and prefabricated components meet the standards of engineering construction. After the inspection, the relevant staff Also fill in the relevant inspection documents carefully. Before entering the next work link, the staff should also check and verify the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the equipment, and compare and analyze the expected specific position with the position designed in the drawing to ensure that the two are consistent.

2 Unpacking inspection Before entering the installation process, the equipment to be installed needs to be unpacked and inspected. First, check the appearance of the equipment for signs of wear, and check whether the paint surface of the equipment is complete. Second, check whether the components in the equipment are damaged, whether there are problems such as pollution and position changes.

3 Preparatory work before lifting work has not been carried out, the relevant lifting equipment needs to be checked by professionals to ensure that the equipment can perform normal work. In addition, professionals also need to strictly inspect the wire ropes, screws, and rope buckles that need to be used when lifting to ensure that these equipment accessories are complete. In addition, professionals must ensure that the hoisting worksite is level and compact, and the staff also need to clean up the obstacles on the construction site in time to ensure that the next work can be carried out smoothly and safely.

4 Problems in the lifting process In the process of lifting related equipment, except for the staff, other unrelated persons cannot stay around the equipment or walk around randomly. When lifting, the relevant operators should also stand in the designated safe place for lifting operations as required. Under normal circumstances, you can start the test hoisting work by hoisting the primary equipment to a position about 100mm from the ground, and then check whether the car crane and related spreaders are qualified for hoisting, you can start the normal hoisting link. When the primary equipment is hoisted to the equipment foundation, it is necessary to ensure that the primary equipment falls safely and steadily before the sling can be removed.


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