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Precautions For Lifting Large Cargo With Slings

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Precautions for lifting large cargo with slings

The lifting or assembly of large goods is in place. Due to the large tonnage of the workpiece, the complex shape, the expensive value, and the cooperation of multiple people, the operation difficulty and the risk factor are further increased. Therefore, we remind everyone to pay attention to the following when lifting large cargo using slings:

1. Observe the appearance of the cargo before the operation, grasp the position of the center of gravity of the workpiece, and confirm the weight of the workpiece according to the drawing.

2.Correctly select slings such as ropes, shackles, and hooks. When selecting a steel wire rope, the tensile load of a single rope can be calculated according to the empirical formula of S (n) = 100 · d2. d is the diameter of wire rope, unit: mm.

3. There are lifting rings or lifting ears specially designed for lifting the workpiece itself. Before the operation, it should be carefully checked, and all the rings must be attached.

4. If the workpiece does not have a lifting ring, the position of the cable point should be selected correctly. Align the hook of the crane with the center of gravity of the workpiece.

5. Note that the included angle between the ropes should generally be less than 90 degrees.

6. Corner protection must be provided at the edges and corners of the workpiece that the rope passes.

7. There must be a trial lifting process before lifting, and it is confirmed that it is safe before proceeding to the next step.

Generally speaking, large-scale cargoes are concentrated on construction sites and docks and are mainly large-scale cargoes such as various types of large-scale building materials and containers. Moreover, such local personnel have multiple working conditions and are complex. You must strictly observe the above when using slings. Be careful, or the consequences of falling objects will be disastrous.



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