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Hazard Analysis Of Lifting Slings In Large Hoisting Machinery

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Hazard analysis of lifting slings in large hoisting machinery

In order to successfully use large-scale hoisting machinery to complete the lifting tasks, it is necessary to analyze the dangerous factors in the lifting process of the large-scale hoisting technology analysis, analyze the construction environment and the actual construction situation, and find the problem early. Propose solutions to improve the safety of large hoisting machinery in the hoisting process.

After analyzing the hoisting hazards, the main dangerous points are that in order to better meet the construction requirements, two cranes are used on-site to complete the hoisting tasks. From previous construction cases, two large cranes are used at the same time. The danger will increase, but it is a common situation that two large cranes must be used in many projects. The danger is reflected in the different loads of large hoisting machinery. For example, a machine that needs to use a hoisting steel cage, if the load conflicts, it will affect the safety of large-scale hoisting machinery. Sometimes, the deflection of the hoisting will be affected by the change of the mechanical nuclear load rate, which will cause the overturning of the two hoisting machineries, and the inclining of the hoisting machinery will cause a vicious accident at the construction site.

Take measures to avoid such accidents, try to avoid two cranes operating at the same time, choose the hoisting method according to the hoisting items, and at the same time, ask professionals to confirm the plan of the mechanical platform crane, and proceed with the construction after confirmation. Finally, the construction process In order to ensure that all personnel is in place during the hoisting process, once there is a problem with the hoisting, the hoisting operation must be suspended. The technicians need to observe the operating speed of the machine to ensure the safety of the construction. In addition, pay attention to the impact of weather on construction. If you encounter very bad weather, stop construction immediately.


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