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How To Identify And Analyze The Quality Of Wire Shortage Of Steel Wire Ropes

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How to identify and analyze the quality of wire shortage of steel wire ropes

Missing wire (or running wire) refers to the phenomenon that there is less or running wire in the full length or a certain distance in the steel wire rope strand. We encountered such problems during the quality monitoring stage, and we will promptly remove "unqualified" products, but there are also small Some manufacturers will "ignore", so everyone can try to understand how to identify such quality defects.

Missing or running thread often occurs in the twisting process. During twisting, the blind axis is broken due to the uneven shaft, the wire is brittle, the I-shaped wheel is insufficiently wound, and the brake is not connected in time. This kind of defect occurs mostly in the inner layer of the multi-layered twisted strands. It feels sunken by hand, sometimes it is wavy, and the lack of external wire is more obvious. The wire rope lacking wire should file a claim with the manufacturer.

You can confirm whether there is a lack of wire in the steel wire rope by touch inspection. On the one hand, such problems require enterprises to regulate production and prevent unqualified products from entering the market. On the other hand, customers must pay attention to brand selection when purchasing Jiangsu Gostern is definitely worth your trust!



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