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Precautions For Use Of Chain Block Hoist

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Precautions for use of chain hoist

The chain block hoist is a small lifting tool that doesn't require bedding and fixing at the bottom and can lift heavy objects to any desired position in the space. It's very convenient to use and carry. It can be used for medium installation, tightening the cables and fixing when transporting large equipment. It can also be used for matching and alignment.

Pay attention to the use of chain hoist:

  1. The chain hoist used must be a qualified product of the official manufacturer.

2. For the used chain hoists, you should make detailed inspections before use, such as whether the hooks, chains are intact, whether the pins at the root of the lifting chain meet the requirements, whether the transmission part is flexible, and whether the lifting chain is twisted. Whether the self-locking is effective, whether there are cracks, deformations, and severe wear of each component.

3. If a chain jam occurs when using a chain hoist, the heavy load should be cushioned before the inspection.

4. When the chain hoist acts in any direction, the direction of pulling the chain should be the same as the direction of the sprocket, and the zipper should be pulled evenly, and it should not be pulled suddenly.

5. Do not stand under the hoist during operation.

6. It is strictly prohibited to overload the chain hoist. During operation, the number of people pulling the chain is determined according to the hoisting capacity. Generally, one person is allowed to pull the chain when the lifting capacity is less than 5t, and two people are allowed to pull the chain when the lifting capacity is more than 5t. An object is jammed or a machine is malfunctioning.

7. If the chain hoist needs to stay at a high place for a period of time, the bracelet chain should be firmly tied to the lifting chain for insurance, and a safety rope should be provided to prevent self-locking failure.

8. Chain hoists should not be used to store heavy objects or equipment at high altitudes.

9. It is strictly forbidden to continue using the chain if it is worn above 15%.

10. Never lubricate the friction plate of the chain hoist to prevent self-locking failure.




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