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The Bearing Gravity Of The Ring Nut

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The bearing gravity of the ring nut

The ring nut is a part that closely connects the mechanical equipment. It can only be connected together through the internal thread, ring nut, and screw of the same specification. Generally, the ring nut bears some buildings or heavyweight items, which is not used for ordinary living appliances.

A person's normal weight is generally 50-70 kg, and a chair usually nailed with very few nuts can bear a person's weight. It seems that the load-bearing of these nuts cannot be underestimated, so how much will the load-bearing force of the ring nut be?

According to material mechanics analysis:

1. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the ring nut according to the diameter of the ring nut;

2. According to the material of the ring nut, check the mechanical engineering manual to find the allowable failure stress of the material;

3. Finally, multiply the cross-sectional area of the eye nut by the allowable failure stress of the material. As a result, the maximum allowable load of the eye nut is the maximum load.



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