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How To Effectively Reduce The Wear Between The Hook And The Wire Rope

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How to effectively reduce the wear between the hook and the wire rope

It is well known that lifting hooks and wire ropes are slings and are widely used in the operation of various lifting equipment.


From the perspective of the structure of the lifting equipment, the two ends of the wire rope are hung on the traction hook. Due to frequent lifting, the wire rope will intensify the wear on the vertical dangerous cross-section of the hook, especially the heavy load and poor road conditions. When running under conditions, the wear of the hook and wire rope is more serious. To ensure safety, it is necessary to regularly check whether the wear of the hook, wire rope, etc have reached the scrap standard. How to effectively reduce the wear between the hook and the wire rope?

1. Take a long steel wire rope and fix it at both ends with ropes, so that the contact between the hook and the steel wire rope changes from one to three. By increasing the contact area between the hook and the wire rope, the friction and wear between the two are reduced, and the service life of the hook and the wire rope is effectively extended.

2. Other materials can be used instead of steel wire rope. Such as the use of nylon ropes or nylon slings used on marine ships instead of steel wire ropes, the effect is also very good. After many tests, it is known that if the wire rope is too long, the hook is hung high, which affects the driver's field of vision; if the wire rope is too short, it is inconvenient to hook, and it is easy to sprain the waist and wrist of the hooker. Generally speaking, the driver's height is set to a larger value, and vice versa, a smaller value is used. This operation is convenient and can take into account the driver's vision needs.

3. You can also take a long section of steel pipe and put it on the wire rope according to the shape of the wire rope. The steel pipe is brought into contact with the surface of the hook, so that the steel wire rope does not directly contact the hook, thereby protecting the hook and the steel wire rope. The casing can also be made of other materials, such as thick rubber tubes, high-pressure hoses with steel mesh, and so on.

Before working on the lifting equipment, you must carefully check whether all the lifting parts are normal; you must correctly grasp the weight of the object being lifted, and you are not allowed to overload the load; you must strictly check the lifting ears, and the rope buckle should be tied above the center of gravity of the weight Tie tightly; when lifting heavy objects with edges and corners, pads should be added before the ropes are buckled; ropes should be tied to the lifting weights; the position and condition of the force must be checked to meet the requirements.


We hope that operators will pay special attention. We must pay close attention to and inspect the equipment for wear and tear, if it is severely worn, and if it is severely worn, it must be replaced in time. Safe operation is more important than anything!



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