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Important Requirements For Safety Management In Rigging

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Important requirements for safety management in rigging

1. Sling is the general name of lifting sling and rigging, lifting sling refers to the rigid device used for lifting operations, including hooks, beams, c-type slings, clamps, shackles, vacuum chuck slings, magnetic force Spreader, etc.

Rigging refers to tying flexible parts to a load to bear the load, including wire ropes, chain sling, and webbing sling.

2. The crane safety management personnel collect the requirements of various departments and apply for the procurement of rigging;

The rigging must be inspected by the warehouse staff and must-have product quality certification documents and operating instructions;

The factory-made masts must have at least test-verified documents, When necessary, there should be design drawings and production requirements;

All rigging documents are archived and kept by crane safety management personnel.

3. After the crane safety management personnel and equipment maintenance personnel store the rigging, they should determine the identification number of the rigging and make a rigging identification plate with strong, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and self-locking functions;

The identification plate should indicate the number, capacity, and security validity period;

In principle, the sign should be hung on a rigging that does not hinder operation and is not easily damaged.

In particular, small rigging, such as shackles, can be hung on the corresponding rack.

The slings are regularly checked by maintenance personnel during use, and the safety inspection is valid for 6 months. The validity period of the rigging safety inspection shall be after the maintenance personnel has passed the inspection.



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