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Which slings will be used for offshore container lifting?

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Which slings will be used for offshore container lifting?

The lifting of an offshore container involves the combined use of many sling products, such as connecting to the container through a shackle and fixing it to the container lifting lug, used to lift the container at sea, which is usually not removed from the container.

In offshore container lifting, the more commonly used slings include:

1. There are two main types of wire rope rigging and chain rigging, as shown in the figure.


Steel wire rope slings are connected by high-strength steel wire ropes and related spreader components. The main form is the consolidation of aluminum alloy or alloy steel.

High-strength chain rigging is a rigging made of metal chain links, made of high-quality alloy steel. According to its form, there are mainly two types of welding and assembly; according to its structure, there are single and multiple limbs.

The outstanding features of the two are wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low ductility, and no elongation after stress. They have a long service life and are easy to bend, suitable for large-scale and frequent use. Flexible multiple limbs and multiple combinations can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.



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