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Steel Lifting Beam Clamp

Product name : Steel Lifting Beam Clamp Material: High quality alloy steel with low carbon Use: Be fixed in the beam to suspend a tackle, electric hoist or a sling Safety working load: 10t Specification: heavy duty lifting beam clamp, universal lifting beam clamp Delivery cycle: 8-30days a....



Product name Steel Lifting Beam Clamp

Material:High quality alloy steel with low carbon

Use:Be fixed in the beam to suspend a tackle, electric hoist or a sling

Safety working load:10t

Specification:heavy duty lifting beam clamp, universal lifting beam clamp

Delivery cycle:8-30days



Beam width











a. Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment

b. Shackle suspension point

c. Highly flexible-for lifting, pulling or as an anchor point

d. Multidirectional adjusting screw spindle for easy attachment and safe and secure grip

e. Wide beam flange adjustment range




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Description of service advantages:

1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

2.Professional manufacturer.

3.OEM/ODM available.

4.High quality, reasonable & competitive price, fast lead time.

5.After-sale Service:

1)  All products would be strictly quality checked in house before packing.

2)  All products would be well packed before shipping.

3)  All products have one year warranty. Products will be free of maintenance within the warranty period.

6. Faster delivery

7. Payment: You can pay via T/T, Western Union, L/C

8. Shipping: We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and EMS.


How to use the Steel Lifting Beam Clamp safety:

Ensure that you conduct a thorough check of your beam clamp before use. Do not use faulty beam clamps, faulty beams, or faulty hoists.

Make sure you attach any suspending attachment to your beam clamp from a safety hook. This will prevent accidental detachment. All of our hoist and chain blocks here at Safety LiftinGear have a safety hook as standard.

Ensure that the structure that you are suspending the beam clamp from, is assembled correctly, and has an adequate weight load for either an extra beam or a hoisted load. If in any doubt, do not try and set up the beam clamps, consult your supervisor or manager to confirm if it is suitable.

Ensure that you have the right clamp for the job. All beam clamps have a different Working load limit (WLL) so if you are lifting a load that is 3.1 Tonnes you will need to purchase a 5 Tonne beam clamp. Localized Overloading is extremely dangerous, this could cause the beam clamp to break and cause accidents.

Make sure the beam clamp that you are using is compatible with the h that you are using. By this we mean, making sure that the safety hook fits correctly into the eye of the beam clamp. Do not force safety hooks into the eye of your beam clamp as this could damage your beam clamp and accessories.

Ensure that the beam is positioned over the center of gravity of the hoisted load. And ensure that the load is not swinging or at an angle to the beam clamp. As this can cause serious injury and impose health and safety risks.

If you ever need to use two clamps in tandem the use of a spreader beam may be necessary, you must ensure that the beam clamps are not suspending more than their WLL.

When dismantling the structure be sure to check over your beam clamps for any damage and make sure you are handling and storing them correctly. Make sure you don’t throw or drop your beam clamps as this could damage them and render them unusable.

Never replace the bolts on a beam clamp without consulting the supplier, this could lead to the wrong screw being fitted that could potentially cause an accident or damage your beam clamp.