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Lifting Sling Construction Operation Skills: Rotating And Turning

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Lifting sling construction operation skills: rotating and turning

The rotating turning method in the construction operation of the sling is a method capable of turning the heavy objects with a circular cross-section without turning off the ground.

The bundling method of the rotating and turning is the same as that used in the rolling and turning method. The difference is that the position of the animal is not at a distance from the heavy objects. It is close to the surface of the heavy object. When the hook is lifted, the surface of the heavy object slides with the animal to make the heavy object rotate in place.

Matters needing attention in the rotation method for turning over heavy objects:

1. Choose the material with the smallest coefficient of friction with the heavy object as the animal as much as possible to reduce the lifting force of the hook.

2. The height of the animal and 1/10 of the radius of the weight of the rotating body.

3. The animal must have enough area and length to contact the ground to prevent the animal from digging into the ground or being pushed down by heavy objects.



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