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Rigging connector is the key factor affecting rigging performance.

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Rigging connector is the key factor affecting rigging performance.

The rigging is divided into wire rope sling, synthetic fiber sling, and chain sling. The structure and size of steel wire rope sling have been standardized, generally, including single-leg complete sling, double leg complete sling, three-leg complete sling, and four-leg complete slings, it can also be said that single steel wire rope sling and single sling of the same nominal size constitute multiple steel wire rope assembly sling.

The joint of rigging is the key factor affecting the performance of rigging. At present, there are mainly three types: spliced joint, cast joint and pressed joint. The traditional manufacturing methods of rigging mainly include casting and welding. There are many methods for welding production, such as friction stir welding, brazing, manual arc welding, electron beam welding, etc. In addition, the manufacturing methods of rigging joints include metal bonding and a combination of split forging and welding.

The load experienced by the rigging joint during work is mainly a huge unstable load, and the main failure form of the rigging joint is fatigue failure. The parts that are prone to fatigue damage are the jacket of the rigging joint. The outer surface and the inside of the jacket of the rigging joint are prone to fatigue cracks, and fractures easily occur after the cracks have expanded. Especially the tongue, because of stress concentration, is very sensitive to stress, and its bearing area is small, which is the most prone to fatigue damage.



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