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Measures For The Management Of Lifting Sling And Rigging

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Measures for the management of lifting sling and rigging

1. Definition  

1. Sling: the connection between the main body of the hanging object (such as a bridge crane) and the object to be lifted, collectively referred to as the lifting sling or rigging.  

2. Rated lifting capacity: Under the general conditions of use, the spreader is allowed to bear the maximum weight of the item when it is hung vertically.  

3. Limit working load: Under the single-use conditions, the single sling is allowed to bear the maximum weight of items when it is hung vertically.

2. Classification  

Slings are divided into two categories: metal slings and synthetic fiber slings.  

The main metal slings are wire rope slings, chain slings, shackles, hooks, hanging (clamp) clamps, magnetic slings.  

Synthetic fiber slings include rope and belt slings made of cotton, polypropylene, polyester, high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fibers as raw materials.

3. The specific use and management of slings 

1. Outsourcing slings must be professional manufacturers, produced and inspected in accordance with national standards, and products with certificate of conformity and repair and maintenance instructions.

2. When selecting the specifications of the sling, the external factors such as the weight of the object to be hung, the external dimensions, the requirements of the limit working force, and the working environment must be taken into consideration.

3. After the purchased slings enter the factory, the competent department organizes the quality management department and the user unit to jointly check and accept, and establish two levels of the ledger for the competent department and the user unit.  

4. The use of overload is strictly prohibited.

5. Unmarked slings shall not be used without confirmation.  

6. Do not use hammering to correct twisted spreaders.  

7. It is not allowed to pull or let the heavy objects roll on the sling.  

8. Before the operation, the spreader (including control, braking system, and safety device) and rigging should be inspected. When it is confirmed that it is intact and the function is normal, it can be put into use.  

9. Before bolting, confirm whether the connection point of the lifting bolt hanging on the heavy load is reliable.  

10. The load of the spreader must not exceed the rated lifting weight, and the sling must not exceed the safe working load.  

11. Do not damage the slings, slings, and rigging during the operation. When hanging heavy objects with angles, protective pads should be added at the contact points between the slings and the slings.

12. The lifting point of the crane hook should be kept on the same vertical line as the center of gravity of the lifting weight so that the lifting weight can only be lifted when it is in a balanced state. 13. When lifting a heavy object, the sling should strive to make the branches evenly stressed, and the angle between them should not exceed 90 degrees, and the maximum should not exceed 120 degrees.  

14. The surface of the permanent magnet chuck should be cleaned before use to avoid scratching and affect the accuracy. The ambient temperature is -40-50 degrees. Knocking is strictly prohibited to prevent the magnetic force from decreasing. After use, the working surface is coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rust.  

15. When lifting the workpiece, the appropriate spreader should be selected according to the weight of the workpiece. After the upper ring of the hanging chain is hooked into the hook of the crane, the vertical state of the hanging chain should be maintained. It is strictly forbidden to use small hanging chainrings to hang on the big hook head of the crane.


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