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Four Leg Wire Rope Sling for Lifting

The four-leg wire rope sling consists of four pressed wire ropes, lifting rings, and hooks, forming a quadrilateral structure. Each steel wire rope bears a certain force and through reasonable design and installation.
  • ZS0405

  • Gostern Rigging

  • ZS040504



Four Legs Wire Rope Sling
Standard: GB/T 16762-2020
Wire rope: 6x37+FC-1670Mpa (can be changed)
Surface: bright, galvanized, lubricated
Component: master link, intermediate link, pressed wire rope, end fittings
Length: customizable
4腿钢丝绳索具图纸 Nominal Rope

8 1197 855
9 1533 1095
10 1890 1350
12 2730 1950
13 3150 2250
14 3570 2550
16 4830 3450
18 6090 4350
20 7560 5400
22 9030 6450
24 10920 7800
26 12810 9150
28 14700 10500
30 17010 12150
32 19320 13800
36 24570 17550
40 30240 21600
44 36750 26250
48 43890 31350
52 51240 36600
56 59220 42300
60 68040 48600
one leg sling direct WLL(kN)=MBL*0.9/5
WLL will be changed according to specification of the wire rope



Steel wire rope has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, stable work, and is not easy to break and break. It is widely used in steel, chemical, transportation, port, and other industries.








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1. Wire Rope Sling can be used as raw materials in galvanized or open-air environments for rust-proof performance.

2. The wire rope has the wear of the outer layer of the steel wire. It is mainly broken due to the metal fatigue caused by repeated bending around the hook and the object being lifted. Therefore, the ratio of the diameter of the hook or the object to the wire rope is determined to be used for the wire rope. An important factor in life.

3. The wear and corrosion degree of the surface layer of the steel wire rope or the number of broken wires within each twisting distance shall be scrapped when the number exceeds the specified value.

4. Steel wire ropes are mainly used in the transportation of high-strength ropes, such as lifting, pulling, etc., and it is strictly forbidden to stand or pass on objects under the hanging objects during use.