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Selection Of Rescue Sling For Large Road Maintenance Machinery

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Selection of rescue sling for large road maintenance machinery

Large-scale road maintenance machinery is special construction equipment for the maintenance and maintenance of railway lines. The instability of the line conditions in the operation section (irregular track surface, uneven settlement of the roadbed, and uneven deformation of the trackbed) can easily cause derailment accidents. In the event of an accident, you must quickly rescue and ensure that the line is opened at the point. However, large road maintenance machinery is a dedicated vehicle. Operating machinery is installed under the vehicle. They have different functions and have large structural differences between each other. Compared with the main locomotives and vehicles, its body structure is more complex and diverse. Therefore, how to choose large-scale road maintenance machinery accident rescue slings is particularly important, providing methods and tools for rapid accident rescue, and has guiding significance for the recovery of large-scale accidents.

For rescue of large road maintenance machinery, the wheelset, the bogie and the sling for the vehicle body are bundled, and a hook or a suspension is installed under the sling for lifting operations. For large road maintenance machines without hanging holes, special hooks have been developed and installed at the joints of the side beams and pillow beams of each bogie. There is a jack-up sign at the joint of the side beam and the pillow beam, which indicates that the car body is reasonably stressed and has high strength, which is more suitable for lifting and use during the rescue.

Each model of large road maintenance machinery does not have the design of slings and slings specially used for rescue, and the body structure is different. If each model uses a sling with a different structure, it will inevitably cause tedious operation and inconvenience. After several in-depth field investigations and measurements, according to the common characteristics of oblique lifting ears on large road maintenance machinery bogies, a universal connection sling for oblique lifting ears was selected. Different chains and pallets are connected to the universal lifting lugs. According to different car body structures of different models on the car body, the chain, chain with sling hook, and card plate with sling hook are used to meet different models.




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