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Steel Plate Lifting Clamps

Product name : Steel Plate Lifting Clamps Material: high-quality alloy steel Use: widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, etc. Breadth/thickness/Length/Safety working load: 30t Specification: steel billet lifting clamp, slab clamp, hanging clamp, heavy duty lifting plate clamp...



Product name Steel Plate Lifting Clamps

Material:high-quality alloy steel

Use:widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, etc.

Safety working load:30t

Specification:steel billet lifting clamp, slab clamp, hanging clamp, heavy duty lifting plate clamp

Delivery cycle:8-30days


a. Billet slings adopt lever principle, it can clamp billet without auxiliary force and has the features of reliable clamping, flexible action, safe lifting.

b. The lifting device is made of high strength and high abrasion steel alloy, flexible with a long working life.

c. This structure square billet lifting clamp can be divided into fixed type and adjustable type to suitable for lifting different specifications and different levels square billet.

d. The connecting mode of billet slings with crane can be designed according to the actual condition.

e. Rigid lifting lug equipped with lock hook.






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Description of service advantages:

1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

2.Professional manufacturer.

3.OEM/ODM available.

4.High quality, reasonable & competitive price, fast lead time.

5.After-sale Service:

1)  All products would be strictly quality checked in house before packing.

2)  All products would be well packed before shipping.

3)  All products have one year warranty. Products will be free of maintenance within the warranty period.

6. Faster delivery

7. Payment: You can pay via T/T, Western Union, L/C

8. Shipping: We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, and EMS.




1. The hanging operation shall be carried out by the qualified person.

2. Select the model suitable for the purpose.

3. Use within the allowable load range.

4. Within the allowable plate thickness use.

5. It is not allowed to do heavy lifting, stage lifting, joint lifting, leaning object lifting and horizontal grasping lifting.

6. Never enter the falling or overturning area of lifting objects.

7. Do not knock or collide with lifting objects and lifting appliances.

8. Do not make the crane move or stop sharply.

9. Avoid lifting object bias. It is better to use more than 2 lifting tools for safety.

10. Before use, check the undercut, gasket, plug between teeth, wear state and other abnormal phenomena, and then use it.

11. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

12. It is strictly prohibited to stay in the air for a long time when carrying a load.