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G100 lifting chain

Standard: GB/T12718-2009
Application Rang: Coal mine/transport
Materals: High Quality Alloy Containing C, Ni, Mo
Grade: B/C/D
Product marking: Mark imprint strength grade in links
Surface treatment black, galvanized, dipping paint


1, G100 lifting chain Overview:

G100 lifting chain 30% higher than the current 80 chain. Production of raw materials used are CrNiMo special alloy steel, high-strength treatment, with high toughness. Scratch resistance and hydrogen embrittlement, a minimum elongation at rupture greater than 25% when the chain of black, pink layer is greater than 20 percent, do the bending test according to DIN EN818-2 standard flexural strength than min.f = 0.8 × d, and the rated load of the three breaking load ratio of 1: 2.5: 4.

2, G100 lifting chain Applications:

G100 lifting chain is mainly used for lifting hoisting handling operations of goods. Which are widely used in ports, power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, plastics machinery, industrial control, highways, large transport, pipelines and auxiliary set, slope tunnels, wells and control protection , salvage, ocean engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, wells and other infrastructure construction machinery and equipment.

3, G100 lifting chain Features:

Strength rating: G100

Safety factor: 4-fold safety factor

Material: containing Cr, Ni, Mo alloy high

Standard carrying capacity: 80 higher than 25% chain

Ambient temperature range: -20 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius

        4.Our advantages:

        Based on the research and development and production of high-strength, high-precision mid-to-high-end chain.

        The company's technical team is led by senior engineers who have been engaged in high-strength chain research and development, technology, and production management for nearly 30 years.

        Through the European standard rated working load (WLL) manufacturing verification force tensile test to ensure that our links are perfect.

        It has more than 50 sets of fully automatic and semi-automatic production equipment such as chain braiding, welding chain, heat treatment, surface treatment, tension leveling machines, and more than 100 sets of testing equipment.

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